Price list in format XLS download here: Pricelist_EUR_05_2020

Colour Eur/Kg Colour Eur/Kg
100clear crystal10604 *red13
110green crystal11607 *rosalin12
200yellow13607x2 *dark rosalin13
206light topaz 211608 *rose 213
207champagne12609 *rosalin light12
207/2light champagne12610 *rose 313
208dark amber11710violet13
209light amber11711violet grey 213
210topaz11713green grey11
211light topaz 111715brown grey11
212red amber15718blue grey12
216light red amber15722/3light violet greey12
217red topaz15726blue violet12
219light red topaz14727khaki violet grey12
221honey 112728blue violet grey13
222honey 213729dark violet grey12
223honey 313730light blue grey11
300light aqua11731crystal khaki grey11
302bright blue 111800dark blue effect13
303bright blue 311801light green effect13
305blue11801/2light green effect12
306bright blue 211802aqua blue effect13
307black11803green effect13
308dark blue 111804yellow green effect13
309dark violet 111805yellow effect14
310grey blue11805/2light yellow effect13
310/2light grey blue11805x2intensive yellow effect 116
311blue violet15805x3intensive yellow effect 217
311/2light blue violet13805-4yellow light green effect15
313blue ametyst11806rose effect16
315ametyst11806/2light rose effect14
315/2light ametyst11807brown green effect13
316dark violet 214808aqua green effect13
317dark blue 211809dark green effect13
319light blue 111810green grey effect13
320light blue 211811blue effect13
322lalique13812light blue effect13
402aqua blue13812/2light blue effect12
402/2aqua blue light13812/3light blue effect12
403aqua green11813 *red effect16
404aqua blue11814 *light red effect15
404/2light aqua blue11815red violet effect16
405watter aqua green11817 *red rose effect14
500green11818light blue green ef.16
501dark green grass11819light red green ef.17
600light rose17OPwhite opal16
601 *light royalit 113OP-Mblue opal16
602 *light royalit 213OP-Uuran opal17
603 *light royalit int17

* tempering changes colour

1 glass slab(block):

  • size 20x20x2,5cm
  • weight 2,5kg

Samples set:

  • 99pcs. samples in set
  • 68x47x25mm
  • Total weight: 20kg
  • Price: 180,-Eur



Quantity discounts.
30 - 47,5 kg5%
50 - 97,5 kg10%
100 - 147,5 kg15%
150 - 197,5 kg20%
200 - 297,5 kg25%
300 - 497,5 kg30%
od 502,5 kg35%

Pricelist of additional colours - offer valid while stock lasts

The prices are quoted excluding VAT.
ColourEur/Kg ColourEur/Kg
206/Z - light topaz10
611 - rose 415
207/3 - light champagne 2
11714 - green grey10
208/209 - amber10717 -10
215-T134 - red amber14
732 - blue grey10
319x2 - light blue10805-4 - yellow green effect11
402 - light aqua green10815/2 - light red violet effect15
402/2 - light aqua green10
815TM - red violet effect15
405/Z-water aqua green10
502 - green 210
505 - green 510