Average Transport Prices

The weight is stated gross, ie with packaging, prices are without VAT.

Goods weighing 2.5 - 25 kg can be delivered with the DPD carrier as a parcel service at low prices.
The company does not guarantee the delivery date and there is a risk of breaking the blocks (approximately 5% risk).
The stated DPD prices are final, uniform for each country, regardless of the postal code.

The prices of Schenker are average, the final price depends on the zone according to the postcode.

Transport agentbrutto kgEurEurEurEurEurEurEurEurEurEur
Parcel DPDinto 2621232825192127231727
Schenkerinto 5032538156533955532757
Schenkerinto 10040649775645578646070
Schenkerinto 1505379131957970108797499
Schenkerinto 200649516211495881379579119
Schenkerinto 500122160308340160158264160132215
Schenkerinto 1000212245443224245265442245205317