Average Transport Prices

The weight is stated gross, ie with packaging, prices are without VAT.

The prices are average, the final price depends on the zone according to the postcode.
We calculate the transport for each shipment individually.

Goods weighing 2.5 - 26 kg can be delivered with the DPD carrier as a parcel service at low prices.
The company does not guarantee the delivery date and there is a risk of breaking the blocks (approximately 5% risk).

Parcels up to 70 kg are usually sent by DHL, which has lower prices than shown in the table below.

Transport agentbrutto kgEurEurEurEurEurEurEurEurEurEur
Parcel DPDinto 2624283430232432282032
Schenkerinto 50507511590755063712771
Schenkerinto 1005992140115856888856080
Schenkerinto 150771131801351098511510574105
Schenkerinto 2009313522616012610514512279122
Schenkerinto 500210250445365245220300230160240
Schenkerinto 1000325360635530325345480330235345